About Me

I’m Mary Anne- the person behind the camera
I am a wife to my sweet husband and a mother to my three crazy, life-loving children living here in a rural town in beautiful Colorado. I’m a lover of all animals and the outdoors, and as long as its not freezing cold outside, you will most likely find me exploring and hiking new trails with my family or going out to eat tacos and drink margaritas…because tacos are life.

I am obsessed with what I do. When I’m not spending time with the family, I am usually editing photos, continuing education or shopping for more camera equipment when I probably shouldn’t.

I think that being able to capture these moments in time for families and couples is so important because these moments do not last forever, but photos are the longest lasting, tangible item that you will have to cherish for the rest of your life. I believe that these captured memories are the single most valuable things that you can pass down to your children and I am grateful to be able to help provide this gift.

"Magic is seeing the precious in the mundane, the wild in silence, the colors with no name"
- Nausicaa Twila